I love designing & making things, I graduated in BA(HonsSustainable Product Design in 2016 & recently have been working as a designer at Museum in a Box Ltd. 

Here's some of my work...



Orbis is a final year uni project looking at new ways for communities to explore museum collections. It combined 3D scanning with a unique handheld controller to provide a new and liberating musuem experience. 

Collabology 1.png

Physicode: Jungle Rescue (Collabology 2015)

A project in partnership with graphic designer Kassy Bull exploring interactive ways to teach children the basics of coding and electronics. This evolved through our participation in Fred Deakin's educational initiative 'Collabology' now called 'Modual'


Bric (Generation Rent)

Bric is another final year project, in partnership with Jack Davies centred around designing adaptable modular furniture aimed at a generation of renters. 


Kehelland Trust

A business assist project in partnership with Hannah Smith to review the Kehelland Trust’s facilities and resources in order to establish where opportunities might exist for diversification and to develop new business strategies through design.



A project exploring lighting conditions in the mining industry and opportunities for the use of TEG (Thermo-Electric generators) to provide power and lighting.


Museum in a Box Ltd.

I am currently working as a designer at Museum in a Box having joined in September 2016.

Museum in a Box is an innovative update on the old idea of a museum handling collection, where low-value objects are rented by schools for a short time. It adds 3D prints, postcards, near-field communication (NFC) technology, and Raspberry Pi to connect museum objects to the web, and radically increase outreach and engagement for museums.